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  • Basic Requirements

    First pick the size and weight of your record, you have the choice between standard and heavy vinyl options for each size. You must also set your preference for the center label for each side.
  • Colours

    You can select black vinyl (standard), colour vinyl or split your desired quantity across 2 or three colours. For example you select Split across 2 colours if you want 250 red and 250 black of the same record. If you want splatter effects (or others) please select the appropriate option.
  • Outer Sleeve

    There is a myriad of options and we have listed the most popular, please choose or specify your own using the "Other" option. You can also select additional options (some will have no effect in combination with others)
  • Inner Sleeve or Insert

    When it comes to inner sleeves or inserts you can specify to have both or just a plain or printed sleeve to protect the record. We offer 2pp, square single or double sided inserts as well as 4pp posterstyle options.
  • Finishing

    Those finishing touches as well as some essentials that are easily forgotten. Please select from the options below.
  • Quantity & Delivery

    Most importantly how many you need and where you need them shipped to. We appreciate that requirements change, so select from the delivery options the most appropriate.
  • About you

    Finally we need some information about you, how to contact you, a project name ideally and your rough timeline for production. You can also provide us with any additional info that you think is worth mentioning