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When you have a great idea but don't know how to realise it or if you just need that fresh pair of eyes to take your concepts into a whole new direction.

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Anyone that has existing artwork but does not have the tools to adjust it to the various packaging sizes. We also make sure that every aspect is print compatible.

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Concept Design

Many of our customers have in-house capability for designing and branding their products yet we consistently receive enquiries about concept changes or reviving existing designs. Quite often the brief is to ensure the best possible impact at point of sale or to design a concept that goes well with the particular target audience.

We understand that every artist has more or less a clear vision of who the target audience is and what particular imagery type and layout is needed to reach that audience, and our job is to translate this into stimulating art, true to the brief and strong on impact for each printing format.

It is vital to have a broad range of skills when attempting to convey a message just with visuals and as we strive for the best solutions for our customers, we have enlisted begizuria a renowned individual with many years of experience in the music and packaging industry.

Working with artists from around the globe as well as local independent brands he has created vinyl and media packaging as well as tour merchandise and promotional posters. His unique blend of style, artistic prowess and simplicity speaks for itself!

Concept design collage

Case Study #1

Case Study #1

TBR album artwork is known to always use the same skull logo with a different colour for each album, so we decided to order the songs alphabetically in the colour corresponding to the albums they belong, so long time fans would instantly recognise them. To differentiate the limited booklet cover from the regular one, we designed a very graphical one made of hundreds of tiny skulls.

Finally, for the back cover, we decided to make a collage of fan pictures taken with the band, wearing TBR T-shirts and a good amount of tattoos. In the end we received more than 800 pictures from all around the world to create an very personal yet unique collage.

Clearview Records – an independent record label based in Texas
Teenage Bottlerocket // limited discography boxset (2013)
Exclusive to /100 lyric booklet cover design and layout
The client asked us to make the layout of the lyrics booklet for this boxset which was limited to 1000 sets, including the lyrics for every song ever recorded by the band, and to design an exclusive 100 booklet cover for the tie dye set

Case Study #2

« Bultzaden balada » literally means « the ballad of the pushes », the pushes being actions accomplished with strength and determination, both in the celebration and in the activist commitment.

We chose to represent these two aspects with two characters, a woman and a man, representing both aspects. We placed party flags in one and barbed wire in the opposite corner. On the back cover, the two characters hold hands with the two scarves becoming one.

In the lyrics booklet we inserted live pictures chosen by the band and a double page photograph of the whole band on stage in the centre.

Bultzaden Balada
digipak design and layout
To devise a conclusive concept design for this band, reflecting their social and political values.

Case Study #3 Image

About begizuria

{begi-zuri-a} comes from an old Basque expression. Not used much in modern conversation it roughly conveys the persuasive powers in someone’s eyes when they follow their goal. Maybe this is why begizuria or Matias Aguerre as he is known by his common name tirelessly pursues new ideas and sources of inspiration. Living in the Northern Basque country, with stunning landscapes framed by the rugged Atlantic coast and the backdrop of the Pyrénées mountains, he takes what he sees everyday around him and creates beautiful designs with clear and powerful lines.

Fascinated by art and drawing from a very young age, begizuria started full time work in the field of illustration and graphic design in 2005 after his studies in Graphic Design and Publishing Production. He has since been working as a freelance graphic designer for various companies, associations and music bands in different countries. Add to this a newspaper print department, designer in the textile industry, three years as a pre-press graphic designer in a printing company and now as a concept and packaging designer.

He is an expert in the whole printing process, from the first sketch to the final product, taking care of every technical constraint for the best result possible.

Core Values & Principles

  • True to the brief, yet target focused
  • Full appraisal of requirements
  • Ethical approach in design & conceptualisation
  • Originality and Simplicity
  • Full ownership of designs
  • Liason with all stakeholders
  • Outstanding customer focus combined with exceptional products have earned us respect and repeat business with some of the best-known artists and labels.

    Today we have production and service facilities throughout Europe and Asia and serve an international portfolio of clients.

  • Our team of experts is as diverse as the services we offer. We have one thing in common though: Passion.

    Passion to deliver the best results, in your time frame and matching your budget.

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