Music CDs

Audio CD Duplication & Replication
Offset Litho, Screen or Digital Printing
Standard or bespoke packaging
EAN-13 Barcodes included

Music CDs
Pressed or On-Demand

No quantity is ever too big or too small and turnaround times are the fastest in the industry. We believe in giving you the best options to always have your releases right on time.

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DVD & Cassettes

DVD Video Pressing
Audio Cassette Manufacturing
Standard and bespoke packaging
Full colour printing and more...

DVDs and Cassettes
Bespoke Manufacturing

DVD Music Videos packaged with your release or as standalone product. Audio Cassettes are getting ever more popular as vinyl makes a resurgence.

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CD Duplication & CD Replication

For over 20 years making a CD has been the most cost-effective way to deliver a physical music product. We make CDs with replication as well as on-demand duplication service for smaller urgent projects.

Whether it’s a short run CD duplication project where time is tight or large-scale replication, our CD manufacturing plants in the UK and Europe combine fast turnarounds with consistent high quality and competitive prices to produce millions of CDs every month.

We provide you with a full end to end service from initial concept and design to distribution and delivery. We also include an EAN barcode so you can sell your CDs into retail.

CD Duplication - Jim Lea CD Pack
New Model Army DVD and CD set

DVD Videos and Audio Cassettes…

In times of YouTube and Vimeo, we are surprised to see an increased demand for physical video media. Whether it is simply live footage, a collection of music videos or a band’s ‘behind the scenes’ expose DVD and Blu-Rays have become again an exciting addition to a deluxe release in special packaging.

In addition to the manufacturing itself, we offer full authoring and pre-production services for every conceivable target format. Please contact us for more information.

We also offer a fully bespoke audio cassette manufacturing service. With a choice of shell colours and direct printing or labelling options as well as custom length chromatic tape, we give you a full turnkey solution for this fantastic retro product.

CD Duplication vs. CD Replication

In essence CD Duplication and CD Replication are two entirely different technologies. Whilst both produce media with your content on, Duplication records the content into a reflective layer using the laser of a drive whilst Replication produces the same medium by process of injection molding. In respect of data integrity and quality, the two mediums do not differ at all. A Replicated disc is pressed from polycarbonate granules and after being coated with an alloy, it is printed with your artwork.

There is a ‘startup’ cost for replication, which includes making the stamper. Usually, Replication is more economical for larger volumes and compared to duplication may not be cost effective on orders under 500 units. Quite often printed parts take longer to produce than the discs, so depending on the packaging options, a Replication service typically takes 10 – 12 working days but express options exist to reduce this to as little as 5 – 7 working days. So in a nutshell, if you need your media fast or don't want to do too many, go CD or DVD duplication as your option for pressing.

DVD & CD Packaging Options

  • CD-ROM & Audio (12 & 8cm)
  • DVD (5, 9 & 10)
  • Blu-Ray
  • CD-R / DVD-R Duplication
  • Screen, Offset, Inkjet & Thermal media printing
  • CD & DVD cases with full-colour print
  • Packaging includes Jewel Cases, Lancing Packs, Card Wallets, Digipaks and more
  • Serialisation
  • USB Drives
  • MP3 and MP4 Players
  • Videopak printed packaging with an integrated video screen
  • Serialised Credit Cards for product downloads
  • Retail Barcode generation
Capacity to Duplicate
discs per day
Capacity to Replicate
Discs Per Day
Turnarounds in as short as
Serving you since
20+ Years
  • Outstanding customer focus combined with exceptional products has earned us respect and repeat business with some of the best-known artists and record labels.

    Today we have CD printing service facilities throughout Europe and Asia and serve an international portfolio of clients.

  • Our team of experts is as diverse as the services we offer. We have one thing in common though: Passion.

    Passion to deliver the best results, in your time frame and matching your budget.

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